"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."


February 2016


The lights faded in as the music began to swell. I gazed across a room filled with people waiting in anticipation for those first words to be sung. The worship pastor readied himself and began to sing. Immediately, hands flew up all throughout the sanctuary. People were singing at the top of their lungs with hands held high. This wasn’t a show, these people were genuinely worshipping. As I looked at this, I thought to myself, “Who am I to be given the privilege to lead these people in worship. Who am I to be put on a platform that allows me to influence so many people on a weekly basis?” This is what I was telling myself, but in the moment, I could only feel one thing, pride. Not just pride in Christ, but pride in myself. Pride in my own abilities and talents. Pride in what I was doing for this congregation. Though I kept telling myself that I was doing this solely for Christ, week after week I came to church secretly hoping that people would notice how good I was. Continue reading “Humility”

Broken Promises

     After reading the title of this post, I’m sure that many of you have been left slightly confused. You’re probably thinking, “But God doesn’t break any of his promises. Shouldn’t you know that?” Let me assure you, I am very confident in God’s faithfulness concerning his promises, however, I’m not so sure that everybody else is. Simply put, we all live in a world full of broken promises. Because of this, we are never able to have full trust in anyone. The greatest problem that arises from this thinking is the fact that we allow this lack of trust to spill over into our relationship with God. So many people find it hard to trust in all that God has promised to us, when in fact, he is the only one in which we can wholly trust. For this post, my mission is to show you just how faithful God is in keeping his promises, and in light of this, the hope that we have for our future. Continue reading “Broken Promises”

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