"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."


March 2016


     When I take a look at myself and the life that I live, I realize one thing. And that is just how insignificant I am in the grand scheme of things. I realize that what I have to offer up to God, is actually very little. So this always leaves me plagued with a very difficult question. “Is God able to use what little I do offer, to impact the world in a big way?” To be quite honest, it just doesn’t seem possible. How can God take something as insignificant as myself, and use it for something as great as his plan? Where the problem lies in this is not in the small view of myself, because it is true that I can offer very little. Rather it is our small view of God that presents the problem here. We worship a mighty and all-powerful God. If you believe this, then you should also believe that he is capable of doing all things. Why then is it, that in this instance, we choose to believe that he is somehow incapable of using us for big things. Continue reading “Insignificance”

Another Salvation Story

Take a look at the people around you, and one thing becomes immediately clear. Not a single person is exactly like you. They may have a different skin color or different hair. They may be taller than you, skinnier than you, or even prettier than you. They are likely from a much different background than you as well. They may make more money than you, and they may go to church more often than you do. They may just seem like a much better person across the board. However, in most situations, these differences are the things that really make no difference in the grand scheme of things. Rather, it is the things that we all have in common that really matter most. Things like food or water or shelter. These are things that each person needs regardless of money or stature. These are things that are absolutely necessary to sustain life in each and every person. If you have money but no food, you will die. If you have fame, but no water, you will die. If you have everything this life can offer, but have yet to believe and follow Jesus Christ, you will surely die. At this point, I’m sure you are now saying something like, “oh no! Is this another lesson on salvation?”  And you would be right, it kind of is, but I believe that what John chapters three and four has to say about this subject is so important that it needs to be said over and over again. Continue reading “Another Salvation Story”

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