When I take a look at myself and the life that I live, I realize one thing. And that is just how insignificant I am in the grand scheme of things. I realize that what I have to offer up to God, is actually very little. So this always leaves me plagued with a very difficult question. “Is God able to use what little I do offer, to impact the world in a big way?” To be quite honest, it just doesn’t seem possible. How can God take something as insignificant as myself, and use it for something as great as his plan? Where the problem lies in this is not in the small view of myself, because it is true that I can offer very little. Rather it is our small view of God that presents the problem here. We worship a mighty and all-powerful God. If you believe this, then you should also believe that he is capable of doing all things. Why then is it, that in this instance, we choose to believe that he is somehow incapable of using us for big things.

     When looking back through the history of the bible, it is easily seen that God is quite good at using ordinary people for extraordinary things. He used Moses to lead the nation of Israel out of their captivity in Egypt, he used Joshua to conquer the Canaanites and bring the people into their promised land. Obviously, God doesn’t need some perfect being to carry out his plans, he simply needs people who are willing to hand over everything that they have to be used by him, for his purposes.

     One of the greatest examples of this that I can think of comes from John chapter 6. This chapter tells a story that I am sure almost all of you are familiar with. Jesus is given the task of providing food for 5000 men, (Probably more like 15000 altogether) yet has no provisions for such a feast. Still, Jesus insists that he is going to feed the people, and send the disciples to buy food for the crowd.  This seems like an impossible situation and is made no better when Andrew returns with a boy who has little more than five small loaves and two fish. In our eyes, and in the eyes of the disciples, this simply isn’t enough to feed a crowd of this magnitude. What the boy has offered just isn’t enough to accomplish the task. However, Jesus sees something much different than us. What we see as too little, becomes more than enough when put into the hands of Jesus. Not only is he able to feed the entire crowd, but when it is all said and done, the disciples retrieve twelve baskets of leftovers. Jesus took something that seemed so insignificant and used it for miraculous purposes. What had offered so little before, began to overflow when it was fully given over to Christ.

     I ask you then, do you believe that God can use what little you have to accomplish great things. Because whether you choose to believe it or not, he can. God is not concerned with what we bring, he just needs us to bring it all. In our hands, what we have, is little more than a few loaves and some fish, but when given over to God, it becomes so much more. It becomes an abundant feast overflowing from the table. So, what are you bringing to this table? Are you allowing God to use what you have, or do you consistently show up empty handed, afraid that what you have may not be good enough. Just lay it all down at his feet, and see what you are truly capable of through him and him alone.