"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."


April 2016

All We Need is Love

Since I began writing this blog, I don’t think that I have been very clear with my reasoning behind starting it. Put simply, it was a class requirement. When I entered into my bible 323 Gospel of John Class, I was informed that all of the students would be required to periodically write up a blog post about something in the fourth Gospel.  As anyone who has read my blog can see, that is exactly what I have done. The reason I bring this up is because with being my sixth post, I will be the last post that I am required to write for this class. Where I will take the blog from here, I don’t know. I may continue to write every week or two, or I may just end it all together. But as of right now, I’m simply not sure. However, with this possibly being my last post ever, I want to leave you with something that is quite possibly the single most important thing that a Christian can learn to do. As cliché as it may sound, that thing is to love each and every person just as God loves you. Continue reading “All We Need is Love”

The Perfect Servant

I have already written about something similar to tonight’s post in my previous post about humility, but this time, I want to look at it from a very different perspective. Service to others is something that I feel that many people struggle with. Whether it’s because they don’t feel “called to it”, or simply because they believe that they are somehow above that kind of thing, people often find any excuse not to serve. The reason that I bring this subject up is because I have come to realize that I do this exact thing. Anytime an opportunity to serve others comes up, I always try to find any way out of it, and that isn’t the right mindset for anyone to have. Rather, we should be joyful when we are given the opportunity to serve. As Christians, we should always humble ourselves, and be available to serve others no matter what the need may be. Continue reading “The Perfect Servant”

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